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“Not every newspaper can claim to have rocket scientists among their readers. Well, we can. And they love 'Future Shock.”
- Andy Howell, Executive Editor, Standard-Examiner, Ogden, UT

“Shock"ingly funny! I bought it and I'm glad I did. Our local brainiacs at Caltech and JPL love it, too.”
- Catherine Gaugh, Features Editor, Pasadena Star News, California

“I love the way Future Shock puts a fun spin on the topics of the day. And they're so well done they add a touch of professionalism to smaller papers.”
- Bob Olszewski, General Manager, The Beverly Review, Chicago, IL

“Stylish, clever and witty!”
- Sandy May, Publisher, The Forum, Blue Island, IL


“Future Shock knocks the rock. (The one others call Earth.) Someone tell our youth they don't need TV, ipods, Wii or apps that produce jokes. They need the newspaper's comics page with Future Shock.”
- Tara Thompson, Editor, The Independent Record, Helena, MT

“George Jetson, and his boy Elroy, would love this stuff.”
- David Stevens, Editor, News-Tribune, Portales, NM

“Who says science can't be funny? Not Jim & Pat McGreal, the brotherly duo behind Future Shock.”
- Cathy Clabby, Associate Editor, American Scientist Magazine

“Future Shock takes everyday insanities like iPhones, traffic jams and those all-too-frequent alien invasions, and spins them into intergalactic fun. A true original!”
- Grace Kuikman, Publisher, The Villager, Chicago, IL

“The McGreals take their readers on a fantastic, funny voyage. Future Shock is to comics what John Coltrane is to jazz - exhilarating and enlightening.”
- Lora Moysard, President, Future Shock Fan Club

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