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What fans are raving about

"This is hilarious!!!  Made me laugh out loud"

-- Brad Rosenfeld, literary agent, Preferred Artists

"Future Shock Comics: Intelligent, thought-provoking, clever, creative, and ... oh, yes, truly hilarious."

-- Michael Takiff, author of "A Complicated Man: The Life of Bill Clinton as Told by Those Who Know Him"

"You should be able to just bang these guys heads together with Three Stooges Kung Fu for being outrageous and challenging. Yet, they'll also create something sweet, wistful, enlightening, and sly human while pratfall-ing you with a banana peel that you knew was just lying there - waiting for you to wake up and slip on the future." 

- Patti Dean

"Innovative format. Takes the gag cartoon to a new level!"

-- Allen Enlow

"Future Shock has a unique sensibility ... it breaks through to its own territory."

-- Elayne Boosler

"Who said science can't be funny? Not Jim and Pat McGreal, the  brotherly duo behind Future Shock Comics."

-- Cathy Clabby, American Scientist Magazine

"I love Future Shock and fully expect it to outlive the newspaper/magazine format.  I look forward to the day when I can have Future Shock  jacked directly into my cerebral cortex!"

-- Bill McCarty

“I kid you not...this stuff is brilliant. It is extremely clever, insightful and inventive. Way better than 80% of the strips out there and equally as good as the top 20%.

The McGreal Boys have done it again...and again...and again!!

Great job! ”.

-- Stuart Jacobs

"Jim and Pat are the best of the best at their craft.  They do what all great artists do: create a unique world based on brilliant incite that tells us much we need to know about the human experience.  Best of all they do it through smart subtle humor--the kind you rarely see any more. Five out of five stars and galaxies for these guys!  "Future Shock" is what a cartoon should be." 

-- Rob Weinstein

“Very cool, sort of like Gary Larson meets H.G. Wells”.

-- Clara Rodriguez

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